children's eye care

Eye Care for Babies & Children

Paying attention to optical health and the development of vision is very important during infancy and childhood. Along with vision problems, other diseases and conditions of the eye can develop. If left untreated, eye abnormalities in childhood can lead to further problems with age. Just as a baby’s physical body develops slowly in the womb, their eyesight ability develops gradually

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eye exam

What is an Optician

An optician is an individual who is trained to dispense and adjust vision correction products, such as glasses and contacts. Unlike ophthalmologists and optometrists, opticians are medical doctors. Still, the work performed by opticians plays a critical role in helping individuals maintain and improve their vision. Opticians are educated through trade schools or apprentice programs to expertly craft corrective eye

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teen eye care

Eye Care for Teens & Young Adults

During the teen years the vision begins to stabilize. Eye development is typically complete by the early twenties. Teens and young adults should take care of their eyes by regularly seeing an ophthalmologist or optometrist to ensure continued optical health throughout their lives. Teens and young adults who wear glasses or contacts should have vision screenings periodically to ensure that

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